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Nelma Guimarães - Visual artist

I am nelma, born in the state of mato grosso in 1959 and raised in espirito santo - brazil. I attended nursing school, art school and letters-english school at the federal university of espirito santo (UFES).

I was an apprentice at artist carlos fajardo's atelier and took art classes at the lasar segal museum, in são paulo. I worked as textile designer and as a teacher for many years. Since a very early age, I was drawn to painting and then later into embroidery and clothes making.

Throughout the years I have participated in several art salons and exhibts in Brazil, such as the mokiti okada foundation art salon, Pernambuco art biennial, America exhibition, solo show at the 'espaço universitário gallery - ufes" in vitoria, Brazil… among others. From 2003 to 2011 I lived abroad in New york , Sardegna and Rome. In New york I exhibited some of my pieces in places like Destination Art Space in the meat packing district, Soho Treasures and Mundo restaurant, astoria .

Statement: My work is a way to dream, describe, digest, discuss, invent, seduce...life itself in my own private way, as if I were writing a journal that was started when I was three years old. To “spill out” through what I perceive in myself and in my surrounding world, has always been a tool for me to understand and most of all to overcome limitations. I get to know better and to reinvent myself through the absorption of creating a piece, through the satisfaction of coloring, through the appreciation of the skill of my hands, through the piercing of the needle and the path of the thread drawing imaginary or real routes, rivers, roads… In order to express both, internal and external universes, there are no boundaries regarding materials, media, supports... Although, the presence of words, bright colors, beads and embroidery gives to my visual speech a link of identity and coherence. In March 2018 I am back in the Espaço Universitário - UFES with the solo show “ I show who I am and I am what I can be” ( paraphrasing the novos baianos group in their song “mistério do planeta” ). The set of works that forms this exhibition is a synthesis of the joy of being part of the family group I belong to. the Assis Guimarães “tribe” is my primal reference with its feminine essence: welcoming, gregarious, generous, creative, funny and full of complementary differences. Since 2013, I live in the chapada diamantina, bahia, where I am finishing building a bed & breakfast “terra de aruanda”, together with my “old-wolf apprentice”; my love with whom I keep walking, sharing experiences of discovery, of growth, of mistakes, of success and of joy in the company of our four-legged family, the strong wind and all the beings that inhabit in here, magnifying our days surrounded by green.

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